Air compressor maintenance guide

 Air compressor maintenance guide


Like any equipment, after use, if it is not maintained, it will certainly not be able to function well, which will affect the performance of the device. The filter of the air compressor after a period of use dust will stick on the surface of the filter and prevent air from entering. We should remove the filter to clean the outer surface of the filter core after a shift or the pressure difference indicator light is red.

To clean the air filter we perform the following steps:

Using low pressure compressed air outside and inside, the mouth of the blower is about 10mm from the inside of the filter core. Blow in turn from top to bottom and follow around.


After the machine has run for about 500 hours, the oil filter must be changed to operate at high capacity (500 hours for the first time). From the next time, change every 1000 hours. If the machine works in a dusty environment, every time the pressure difference indicator lights before and after the filter is clogged or clogged, it needs to be replaced immediately. Use a wrench or a belt to remove it. When reinstalling, just tighten it by hand.


Air compressor working about 3000 hours need to change the oil separator or if the working environment is harsh, it can be replaced earlier.

With a small oil separator separate from the oil tank, just remove it and replace it like an oil separator. With a large oil separator located in the oil tank, it is necessary to use a wrench to disassemble the oil tank.

Note: When replacing the separator, it is necessary to release the air pressure in the oil tank through the safety valve before removing it. Be very careful with the oil tank cap rubber gasket. If this gasket has deteriorated and is no longer effective as a seal, it must be replaced immediately with a new gasket with oil separator.


At a certain point, after a long working time, the air valve will no longer operate as flexible as before and it is time for us to replace it. When replacing the valve, it is necessary to perform some basic operations as follows:

- Proceed to remove the cylinder on the gas inlet valve

- Remove to attach screws, take out the rubber gasket

- Clean cylinders, springs, pistons, change new rubber gaskets

- Finally reinstall the cylinder assembly.

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