Modular adsorption dryer


Heatless adsorption dryers are the most reliable type of adsorption dryer available and have long been the dryer of choice for many industries and applications. They are simple, reliable and cost-effective for a wide range of compressed air purification systems and are often safe and viable. GHS heatless compressed air dryers provide clean, oil-free and dry compressed air in accordance with all editions of ISO8573-1, the international standard for compressed air quality. They are energy efficient and use a modular construction making them less than half the size of conventional dryers.


The heated regeneration modular adsorption dryer is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption and regeneration cycle, adopts external electric heating regeneration method to adsorb and dry compressed air, and use external electric heating to reduce the loss of regeneration gas. Compared with the heat-less regenerative adsorption dryer, the heated regeneration adsorption dryer obviously reduces the loss of the product gas, but at the same time has the disadvantage of large power consumption. After the gas consumption and the power loss are converted, the energy saving effect is not outstanding, and the cost is also significantly higher than the heated regenerative adsorption dryer


Working condition: Inlet air temperature: 45 ° C Ambient temperature: 38 ° C  Technical indicators: Pressure dew point: -40 °C Regeneration gas consumption: 5-7% Pressure loss: ≤0.065 Mpa   The scope of work: Inlet air temperature: ≤60 °C Ambient temperature: 2-45 °C Working pressure: 0.6-1.0 Mpa