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Sullair vacuum systems: The complete package

Air End (“The pump”)

·        The screw rotors are manufactured by matching with excellent efficiency

·        Therotary screw design delivers the quality and reliability

·        Patentedrotor design, low noise and excellent bearings ensures the air end longer life

·        BFR(Bearing Fluid Reservoirs) ensure fluid is avaiable at startup and on load

Highly Efficient Air/Fluid Separation

·        Replaceablecatridge-type element

·        Two-stageseparation on 50HP to 200HP and reduces fluid carry-over

Flexible couple

·         5%energy savings over belt drive

·        Eliminatesmaintenance expense associated with V-belts

·        Providesaccurate shalf alignment

·        Optimizesbearing life of air end (pump) and motor

Air filter

·         Protects pump from contamination and easymaintenance access

·        Vacuumpressure difference alarm and NPT screw or Flange connection

Cooling Fan

·        Light,well balanced and low noise cetrifugal fan with puter rotor motor

·        Uniqueanti-vibration ans insulation design results in a noise level lower than 72Db(A) when the machine is running under the rated condition.

High Efficiency Motor

·        Ip55fully enclosed motor

·        USNEMA standards for high efficiency

·        Ultrahigh starting torque design

·        Lownoise design. LPA < 75dB (A)

·        Insulationclass: F (Grate B test)