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Sullair rotary screw air compressors AS04-AS110 (4-110KW)

Excellent Bearings(Air End)

·        Design service life of 10,0000 hours, high reliability

·        The tapered roller bearing ensure good performance

·        The BFR design ensures air end lubricated well when in special work conditions

Sulliar special lubricant

·        Highoxidative stability with longer life

·        Good compatility with air system, lower cost

·        Low solidifying point with good performance

Microprocessor Controller

·        Temoerature, pressure and so on can be displayed and warned all at times

·        Maintenance and analysis easily

·        LCDscreen and easy access to controls

A concern for the Enviroment

·        Fully-sealed protection pan that will contain compressor fluid should any spill while servicing

·        Lowfluid capacity reduces overall fluid costs and disposal issues

·        Sullairmounts air end, motor on rubber isolators