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Sullair air compressor LS20-32S (90-450KW)

Rotary screw air compressors with VC control LS20-32S (90-450KW)

Sullair means efficiency and durability

Sulllair air ends can guarantee extra high presision and efficiency.

All control tubing is made of imported stainless steel. All the flexible pipes for lubricating oil and oil-air pipeare constructed of metal.

As a standard station, lagging and sequencing multiple compressors with Sullair Deluxe Microprocessor controller lowers energy costs and extends the whole compressor units life.

In normal ambient condition, when used according to Sullair recommendations, we guarantee the Air ends:

No quality problems for 5 years.

No change in performance for 5 years.

Air quality is one of the best in the industry

Sulliar’s compressors offer a carry over rate less than 2 ppm, one of the lowest in the industry.

Newly designed high-efficiency cooler

Use copper threaded tube for the heat exchangetube material, ultra large water cooling type. No shutdown proble forhigh-temperature area. Easy for maintenance.