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Engineered air compressors (up to 500,000 Nm3/h) can bring the utmost performance and efficicency to various industrial applications including but not limited to seperation, petro-chemical, steel and metallurgy, etc.

* The use of water cooled heat exchangers and closed circiut water to air cooling system.
* Maintain high efficiecy for operating economy.
* Meet client's recognized high standard of design and engineering.
* Provide a generous skid package, with "walk around access" of at least 760mm at all points.
* All instrumentd, readout and access panels between 500mm and 1500mm above skid without using sound canopy.
* Use only approved sub vendors.
 Air separation, a key process in industrial manufacturing for over 100 years, still remains integral to efficient operation. Moreover, it grows eben more significant todau, as an increasing number of indutries demand its products. Various manufacturing process require oxygen, nitrogen and argon gases from air separation. Compressors used in the air separation process to produce the purified products. Samsung can supply main air compressors, nitrogen or ai boosters, cryogenic expanders, etc.

• MAC (Main Air Compressor),
• BAC (Booster Air Compressor),
• MNC ( Main Nitrogen Compressor),
• RNC (BNC, Recycle Nitrogen Compressor)
• Nitrogen Booster Compressor
• Cryogenic expander