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GHS VINA CO., LTD is exclusive agent of Hanhwa Techwin (the old name as Samsung Techwin) in Vietnam and ready to meet clients' requirements and supply highly effective air compressors for almost any working condition.


     Hanhwa Techin as a leader in energy equipment industry, can develope specialized products for certain applications. For severe climates, where suppying water to cool down the compressed air is not conceivable, water-cooled compressors can not be utilized. Hanhwa Techwin alongside Siemens, Ingersoll Rand, etc. are the only air cooled centrifugal compressor manufacturer all around the world.

      Advantages of using Samsung Centrifugal compressor:
- Highest efficiency comparing to other types of compressors.
- Oil - free out let air without any auxiliary equipment.
- Lowest maintenance.
- High quality outlet (without oscillations in discharge pressure)
- Capable of running continuously for long periods of time).


     Boasting the finest technology in design, development and production, Hanhwa Techwin demands an international presence for outstanding quality and service. By combining presision machinery with intergrated technologies, Hanhwa Techwin is leading the energy equipment industry.
     Hanhwa Techwin strives for excellence not only in product line, but also in business ethnics. From implementing consensus management to ensuring a nurturing coporate culture, Hanhwa Techwin will stop at nothing to become the most sought after company. We seek satisfaction in both our customers and employees.
     By combining precision machinery with integrated technologies, Hanhwa Techwin strives to lead the energy equipment industry by developing technology that covers industrial air compressors, engineered compressors, gas compressors, expenders, low temparatute compressors and booster compressors. In many market that includes oil and gas, petrochemical, air separation and cryogenic processes, Hanhwa Techwin has products to meet the requirements of each of these segments.