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    GHS Vina Limited Company (GHS VINA CO., LTD)  is a company with 100% of Korean Investment. Our major business is on the fields: introduction, purchase all kinds of compressor; repairing, construction and maintenance all kinds of compressors, compressors’spare parts, exhaust fan, electric line, etc. following the demand of the market.

Factory in Vietnam : Ngoc Da – Tan Quang – Van Lam – Hung Yen.

Area: more than 2300m2  

Employee: more than 400 staffs

     We do business in the whole territories inVietnam, especially in the North and North Center of Vietnam. All our products are tested and inspected strictly and obtained ISO 14000 standard. We have the following preferential policies for each Buyer:

-         Service of maintenance and fix at Buyers’ company whenever they need. 

-         All products are maintenance without free due to our products’ defective and our improper installation, etc..

-         Discount for all valuable orders or payment before the deadline.

-         The policy of transport is more incentives than others.

    Our major products are air compressors. They are imported from Korea and manufactured with high technology.

      Nowadays, there are not many companies which supply and meet the domestic companies’ demands of using compressor. We saw this issue clearly so we do business this field by exporting accessories and machinery (compressor and spare parts) from overseas, especially contributed by HAN HWA TECHWIN CO., LTD (SAMSUNG TECHWIN CO., LTD) in Korea.

     We do business not because of the immediate benefits and all goods are imported from overseas with the agreement by the State. Besides, we also use the available materials and buy materials from companies in Vietnam. Goods are included:

-         - Air compressor spare parts such as oil filter, air filter, oil, motor, fan motor, bolts, screw, bearing, etc,...

-         - Circuit, fuse, resistor

-         - Water pump, steel box, aluminum bar

-         - …………………………………

       We use all above goods for construction, installation of machinery and electric lines mainly. Others will be kept in the warehouse and will be used when necessary.

      Although our company has just established for a short time, many companies set up their belief in us. We achieved many valuable contracts such as the contract with MTV Pangrim Neotex for project  “Supply aircompressor system” valued 1billion VND, the contract with VINA CTS Co. for project “Supply the manipulate table system”, the contract with CRESYN Hanoi for project “Installation conveyor system”, the contract with Hankook Altec for project "Installation air piping and electric system" (more than 3 billion in March 2015, and lots of big projects at SEV, SEVT, SEMV, etc..

     We still distributed our products and services through reliable partners and our relationships built with customers. The domestic market is our major market included the North and the North Center of Vietnam. The North market is major market accounted for 85% of sales because our company’s headquarter is located in the North. Consumption patterns in the North is consumed directly without intermediaries so we save the transport fee. We  instal and transport the air compressors following the demand of Buyers.  For others goods such as conveyor or manipulate table , we will discuss with Buyers about the design as well as the price. Buyers will pay to our company when the test meets Buyers’ requirement.

     The North Center market is our potential market. The form of distribution is through the orders. All equipments, machinery, components will deliver following the signed contracts and the places or the bidding projects. Although we got many geographical difficulties, we still supplied and installed the air compressor system for BSE company in Nghe An. This is an important premise for us to expand our business.

   We are planning to extend our business in the South and also set up our representative office in Ho Chi Minh city. We would like to search the potential Buyers as well as the chance of development.